It is the mission of Socrates2Plato to provide a secure, self-sustaining, immutable, incentivized platform allowing the global scientific community to come together and provide honest and informed peer-review of innovative scientific thought, research, and study, that pays contributors based on their contribution’s value as assessed by the community, restoring honesty and transparency to science.


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The idea behind SOCRATES2PLATO came as Dr. Wei Xu, a PhD. in Pharmacology and cancer researcher in Houston, Texas read the whitepaper proposing the STEEM blockchain, which is an online, blockchain-based platform for incentivized social media websites. He realized it’s neat fit as a solution to the current peer-review crisis facing scientific research today.  The crisis?  It is currently estimated that each year many tens of billions of dollars ($30BN estimated during 2016 in the U.S. alone) are being diverted to fund fraudulent research.

Because the peer-review publication model used to rate and rank the potential of scientific areas of study is so badly broken, Dr. Xu’s idea for a self-sustaining global scientific community that self-polices its members, rewarding good behavior, and censuring bad actors, while paying authors and informed, insightful reviewers, based on the scientific community’s assessment of their contribution’s value, is truly an idea whose time has come.

Essentially, SOCRATES2PLATO will be an online social media site for peer-review publication built on the STEEM blockchain.  This allows authors, both noted and unknown, to publish their scientific whitepapers on the permanent and immutable STEEM blockchain, for the community’s members, coming from the global scientific/academic community writ large

to honestly and fairly review them, and then those authors and reviewers will also review each other’s reviews, with their positive ratings generating Steem-backed cryptocurrency tokens, paid as a reward payment for valid contributions, both to the deserving authors, and their most insightful reviewers, based on their ranking within the community, as assessed by that community itself.

A STEEM blockchain internal exchange mechanism to be released for new site developers like SOCRATES2PLATO in the near future called Smart Media Tokens, backed by a Reserve Account of Steem tokens which can be traded on many exchanges, allows us to generate our own tokens, called SOX, and provide them with instant liquidity at launch. Here’s where we need your help.  This Reserve Account will require an initial pre-launch jumpstart funding round which we will be asking Founding Donors to fund in order to ‘cover the float’ until the Reserve Account reaches self-sustainability.

Members who have earned or purchased SOX have the option of converting their SOX to a ‘vesting/voting token’ called Powered Plato, or ‘POP,’ that also earns a dividend as token creation, called ‘inflation’ creates more tokens as the blockchain grows.  It is expected that the value of holding POP in member’s accounts (it earns regular dividends & increases the member’s voting power) will grow the Reserve Account through members holding tokens for their voting power and interest earned, and as the site’s popularity (and influence) grows, ensuring the community remains self-sustaining in perpetuity.